About Us

Hello, I’m Jordan (she/they).

 For the past 6 years it’s been my dream to combine my two biggest passions in life to create a Fantasy genre inspired cosmetics line. I’ve been a huge fantasy fan my entire life. In middle school I used to get up at 5 in the morning and sneak into my living room to play Morrowind and World of Warcraft. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know how to play Magic the Gathering.  

I love fantasy books, movies, games, and costumes. I spent hours watching the making of the Lord of the Rings, and made my own chainmail shirt, dress, scale vest, and plate armor. I ran a traditional Germanic sword fighting club in college. I love playing Dungeons and Dragons with my family and friends. I love the creativity, the expression, and I find so much joy in it.

I’m also a lover of makeup. I love the physical process of applying it. I find it so relaxing, creative and enjoyable. It’s almost a meditative experience for me. When I’m having a hard time in other aspects of my life I can sit down, slow down, and move through the rhythm and creative flow of doing my makeup. I love the looks and I love feeling inspiration and creating something from that.

I wear makeup because I love the process, I love the creativity, and I love how it looks. Whether it’s bold and bright or subtle and sophisticated. Makeup excites me, enhances my life, and brings me joy.

The time has come to turn dream into reality.
My sketch books are full.
My shelves are littered with hundreds of formulas.
I’m excited to create a brand that I love.
I hope I can bring the same joy that I feel to you. 

Welcome to Fantasy Cosmetica.