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Lost Library Candles

Lost Library Candles

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Bring an ambience to your home or gaming session with the pleasant smells and crackling sound of our Lost Library Candles. The smells and sounds are inspired by getting lost in books and reading through the night.

They are 8 ounce apricot-coconut wax candles with a wooden wick. The candles make a light crackling sound as they're burned.

Available in the following scents:

Overgrown Observatory - crisp apple
Cursed Tome - bright, invigorating, woody, and herbal
Secluded Nook - tea leaves, woods, and a subtle sweetness
Suspicious Bookshelf - sweet, dusty floral, and tobacco

International customers: The candles are very heavy and will greatly affect international shipping prices. If your shipping seems unusually high it's likely due to the candles. Because of this they will not be available for our international flat-rate shipping.

Not tested on animals. Vegan Formula. Made in Redmond, Washington US. 

International Orders may be subject to additional import duties & taxes upon arrival.

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