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Fantasy Cosmetica

Rogue Single Shadows

Rogue Single Shadows

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----- A Rogue steps out from the shadows -----

Trickster - multi chrome - pink base with a green based gold to blue to pink shift
Sleight of Hand - sheer multi chrome - deep blue to purple to golden pink shift
Sneak Attack - multi chrome - rusty brown base with a green to blue to reddish pink shift
Deception - multi chrome - purple to golden green to blue based green
Stealth - matte - pastel blue grey
Shadows - matte - deep olive green
Subtle - matte - dusty light purple
Cunning - matte - deep blue teal
Assassin - matte - black

Rogues are known for their stealth, carefully laid plans, and their soft spoken deception. They are assassins, scouts, charlatans, and thieves. Masters of shadows and disguise. They enjoy playing tricks and making a little extra money wherever they can.

This eyeshadow was not tested on animals.

Made in China. Shipped from Redmond, Washington US. International Orders may be subject to additional import duties & taxes upon arrival.
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