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Fantasy Cosmetica

Warlock Singles

Warlock Singles

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---- A Warlock has joined your party ----- 

Warlocks are spellcasters and fighters who acquire knowledge, magic, and abilities through pacts made with more powerful beings.

Arcanum - Duo chrome - Acid green to light blue shift
Pact - matte - green leaning yellow
Ritual - multi chrome - yellow to green to blue shift with a dark base
Profane - matte - bright apple green
Power - matte - cool toned vibrant red
Patron - multi chrome - red base with a green to pink shift
Occult - matte - deep green grey
Offering - duo chrome - deep blue to pink shift
Eldritch - matte - deep purple

The shadows are available as singles or as a palette. The palette is magnetic and the shadows are removable.

This eyeshadow palette was not tested on animals.

Made in China. Shipped from Redmond, Washington US. International Orders may be subject to additional import duties & taxes upon arrival.

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